Welcome to the Cybran Nation Wiki[edit | edit source]

Welcome the Cybran Nation Wiki, of which contains all of the information to do with the Cybran Nation on Roleplaygateway.com 's Multiverse.

Government[edit | edit source]

The Government of the Cybran Nation always changes with time as do many of the members. For a full list of members click here.

Reseach (Private and Government)[edit | edit source]

The Cybrans use the system of Casgrax for most of it's research on systems and new Industrial processes. There is also a mass of Tank research too. Click here to find out more.

The Military[edit | edit source]

Supreme Commander Rooseavet



Economics[edit | edit source]

Emperor's Advisers

Government Advisers

Military Advisers

People's Advisers

Armoured Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Light Tanks

Medium Tanks

Heavy Tanks

Tank Destroyers


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